This Is Us

MIRA (Motorsport International Riding Apparel) is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team, Gerrit and Marique Du Toit. It all began when Gerrit, a motocross enthusiast with a passion for rally biking, started to participate in the annual Amageza Cross Country Rally in South Africa.

It was at the 2014 Amageza Rally that he wore the first custom-made riding shirt, designed and handmade by Marique, a talented fashion designer with exceptional skill in garment construction. This was no ordinary shirt, but one boasting a collage of selfies taken by friends and family who sponsored and supported him to participate in the event.

This custom-made rally racing apparel concept caught the attention of fellow riders and spurred a “must-have” sense of need in the biking community. With a limited offering out there for personalised moto riding apparel, MIRA Active Wear launched with a custom Rally Jacket and Riding Shirt offer to fill the gap.

Dakar 2018 and Beyond

The first official MIRA custom-made Rally Jackets were featured at Dakar 2018.

Riders, Donovan van den Langenberg and Willem du Toit, sported the first MIRA custom-made Rally Jackets at this event.  Along with these exclusive made-to-fit jackets, the riders also did a test run of MIRA Rain Jackets and Motocross MX Jerseys which were under development. Printed buffs to support their sponsors completed their kits

Donovan participated in the event, Malle Moto. The French term for ‘trunk motorbike’ this category is for motorcycles and quads that race completely unassisted. It poses a lot of extra challenges. We were very proud to kit out a rider in this audacious category in what is already a punishing race!

Willem participated as a member of the BAS Dakar, official KTM factory-supported rally team.

Both riders continue to be proud ambassadors of MIRA riding apparel to this day.

Since then, we have produced over 90 kits for both amateur riders and professional teams across the globe.

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What Is In a Name

Tenacity, strength, courage and being exceptional represent the essence and inspiration of the brand, MIRA but, what’s in a name?

Mira is our daughter, diagnosed with Trisomy 21 at birth.  Through her, we are reminded daily that everyone should follow their dreams and be true to themselves. For us, her journey symbolises perseverance and curiosity, a celebration of the exceptional, by being what you are.

From time to time we will share with you our journey with Mira by sourcing opportunities and conceptualise projects that will increase awareness around Down Syndrome and make a positive impact…. where Mira goes, we go.

About The Product

Much more than riding apparel, this is custom-designed, custom-fitted motorcycle wear made just for you. Your body, your height, your lifestyle and ethos.

What We Offer Riders
  1. Mira Active Wear offers riding apparel that is highly customised and made to order. Our top quality jackets and pants are made according to your unique body measurements and aesthetic requirements.
  2. Great care is taken with sponsor logos, requirements and placement.
  3. Pockets, additional vents and different collars plus other functional tabs can be added according to clients’ requirements which further enhances the customisation of products.
  4. Our jackets and pants are cut from a 600 Denier polyester fabric. This ensures resistance to tearing, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.
  5. Maximum ventilation is a key consideration in our jacket design with strategically placed vents.
  6. Moisture management fabrics are used for linings and riding shirts, resulting in quick drying of fabrics against your skin.
  7. We can print any image, design, or name onto your gear to make it unique with bespoke graphic design and sublimation printing in bright hues (excluding luminous shades).
  8. Each product comes with its own packing bag and we aim to keep our products compact and lightweight for effortless travelling.
  9. We produce gear for individuals and teams, both amateur and professional.

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